All Seated



Go to using Chrome Web Browser and click the “get started” button on the upper top right. Select “host.” Sign up as a host by filling in your name, email address & create your own password. Click “get started.”


Choose “new event.”  Pick an Event type for example “wedding,” name your event by using your first names for example “Jeff and Sarah,” pick the date of your event, and expected number of guests.. click “create event!”


In the next window click on “Add Venue” and type: “Merrick Hollow.”Click “select.” Next, click “Ok, and send a notification Email to the venue” and click “Invite.”


Locate “Seating” in the tabs located at top upper left. In the left column, you’ll see Floorplans, select the “+” next to New Floorplan.


Select “Venue”  and select either  “First Floor” or  “Second Floor” under Select Hall. Name your floor plan by typing in for example “banquet hall” or “loft.” You can create multiple layouts and save them all with different names to try different options. 


Click “done” at the bottom.