What services does Merrick Hollow In-House Day of Coordinator provide?

Our In-House Day of Coordinators will be connecting with you from the very beginning of your wedding planning and available to answer any questions you have throughout. You will have complete flexibility on hiring any vendors you choose and Merrick Hollow will provide a list of recommended vendors to help assist you. Our Day of Coordinator will meet with you for a walk through 30 days before your event to help answer any questions about table setup and will provide a simplified timeline 2 weeks prior to your event. She will contact all your vendors the week before the wedding to make sure they are coming on the right day/time and answer any questions your vendors may have. On your wedding day she will be with you during your rehearsal and there to help you through your processional order. She will be assisting the vendors to help them get setup and use your simplified timeline she has provided to help your day go smooth. At the end of the wedding, she will assist your friends and family by helping to gather all your items and also help to make sure nothing is left behind. We are so thankful for our Day of Coordinators and we hear lots of positive reviews on how helpful they are. We have been told that “hiring a Day of Coordinator was the best decision we have made through our wedding planning process.” There will be an additional fee of $200 for this service. We also have several wonderful recommendations on full service wedding planners that will give you more detailed options and full service preparation when planning your wedding day. We can also recommend vendors that provide services for a complete setup and/or breakdown. We want to give you most flexibility and stress free options that will meet every budget.

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Sample Timeline Provided by your In-House Day of Coordinator



Sample Processional Order provided by your In-House Day of Coordinator