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Ceremony Seating

*For indoor ceremony please add 2 separate floor plans: ceremony and reception.

Venue Furniture Options

Located in "View" and "Favorites"

Under object, you can also use "T" text to communicate specific details such as how many chairs are on each side of the tables, adding chairs to the seams of the joining tables, or any other specific details. 

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When clicking on the table you will have the option to change the number and position of the chairs.

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Hold down shift and click multiple tables to join the tables. This is helpful when adding chairs in the seams. You will have the option of either 3 or 4 chairs on each side of the 8 ft tables. Adding a guest in the seam will keep the chairs flowing evenly without a gap. You can also add text to let us know if you would like to add a chair in the seam of joining tables

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Refresh your display when changes are made by checking the circle. This will allow you to see how many total chairs you have showing.

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