Recommended Spacing

Positioning the tables joined length wise with the room is the best option for the most seating. Using rectangle tables, you can form long rows by butting the tables against each other. With 8′ tables, you can fit 3 or 4 seats on each side depending on how close you would like your guests seated. At the joint where the tables adjoin, you will be able to add another seat (shown in red). If this person is not added you will see a gap where the two tables adjoin. The ideal space between tables is 52”. There should be a min of 50” between the tables. This will allow the guests room to stand up and move freely. The measuring tool in Allseated is a great tool! We allow up until one week before the event for you to finalize your seating. We will use what you have designed in AllSeated to start moving forward with preparing for your seating the week of the event. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. AllSeated has wonderful chat customer service as well. Our maximum guests banquet style seating is 170. We suggest using the loft if you have over 160. There is space to have 170 guests downstairs but this option could limit your 1X17 dance floor. There is an option to have up to 200 guests with a cocktail style seating arrangement with less tables and higher round tables for casual standing. We can provide up to 200 chairs. We do not provide the higher round tables but we can provide recommendations on rental companies that provide these options. The outside space can be used for seating if weather permits. We just ask that the outdoor tables and chairs are brought inside at the end of the event before the rental period is over. We will take care of breaking down the indoor chairs and tables.